How To Read A Meter

A gas meter is a measurement device that keeps records of gas usage at a specific location. Natural Energy Utility Corporation uses an automated meter reading system. All meters are read on the last three working days of the month, with the corresponding bill mailed on the first working day of each month.

While the automated meter reading system is more accurate and efficient than the traditional manual readings, we provide information so that customers may read their own meters to monitor usuage.

Please refer to the diagram below while reading directions:

  1. Locate the four dials in a row. Remember to read from left to right.
  2. Our meters are read by the mcf, rather than the ccf; therefore TOTALLY DISREGARD THE LAST DIAL ON THE RIGHT!
  3. The first dial circles counterclockwise, the second clockwise, and the third counterclockwise.
  4. Locate the pointer on each dial and write down the number indicated. When the pointer is between two numbers (which is most common), the reading for that dial is the smaller of the two numbers.
  5. If the pointer is between nine and zero, always read that dial as nine.